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March 15, 2018

this week i have been immersed in an online course featuring Jane Goodall on conservation and activistism. i must confess i knew of Jane and her work with chimpanzees but i really did not know the depth of her work or her tireless efforts for bringing awareness to the plight of our planet. alongside of my daily classroom instruction i am reading her book Harvest for Hope. again i had no idea how many books she had written so i have a nice stack of reads to add to my book wish list. for my birthday last year i was gifted a kindle, i never ever thought i would see the day i wished for a kindle but the day had come. since then i love how simply i can discover a book, go to my local library online, request an ebook download and voila! there it is on my little kindle ready and waiting. it took a while to get used to and i tend not to use it for books where i need to go back and forth to different pages etc but for novels and easy to read factual books it really is a great little addition to my book worm ways.



Marlon has been busy tweaking our website to make the sections far easier to find and navigate and with some nifty looking headers too. i am jolly delighted by the results and i hope you will be to if you care to look. {just click on any word along the top, but only on a desktop or laptop, not phone alas}


Milo has yet to get the message spring is on its way and spends a lot of time hibernating in the laundry basket, day and night.



so that is where i am at this week, and as its rolling around to friday and its still the month of March we have some mighty fine 'march madness' coming to curious.and.coe tomorrow. this week we are offering 15% off 'bling' jewelry, if you have not seen our handmade offerings in the bling department then do visit here as we have 2 really amazing artists work that i am particularly fond of and wear almost daily.



their bling really is the thing.


{you will need code MILOMARCHMADNESS}


now i am away to sing to the seeds i planted last weekend, i like to wake them up each day with a rendition of 'good morning, good morning, we danced the whole night through, good morning to you' from my fair lady. i think that is the norm for any serious seed grower. 


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