2 bowls, 1 lie

March 7, 2018

mmmmmmmm, well i have to say, manna from the thrifty heavens did not rain down upon me yesterday. i went to two thrift stores and came away with two bowls for my kitchen springifying. now i did see a few other potential candidates, even placing one or two in my cart for a short while but when it came to getting out my purse, i paused and placed them back. they did not make my heart beat a little faster, they did not fit the bill for what i was looking for, even though i so wanted them to {although truth be told i do not know exactly what i am looking for, i just know i will know it when i see it}. i think this whole golden bunny bank thing has really made me pause and ponder to the point i no longer wanna {buy}. 




as i was out on my thrifty jolly, the sun shining, The Lumineers playing, it suddenly dawned upon me i had told a lie. there i was tooting my own trumpet, saying how well i had done on my 'pause and ponder' start to the year when i had bought a tee shirt on saturday AND more to the point, added to it by buying another online. OH MY WORD !!! a lie and a half. the first tee i stumbled upon had an elephant on it! an elephant! on a tee! well right there is a diamond to a magpie. i make no apologies. and then the second tee came across me after several failed attempts to find a plant-based slogan tee. yes it is true, not only have i become a tee shirt wearer, i am fast becoming a tee shirt wearer with a message. {and if you do not believe me, then watch this space for our latest unveiling of garments coming soon to a little store near you}.

the tee says

'saving animals makes my soul shine'.

i mean seriously.


 {i think Milo is trying to tell me something}


in a couple of weeks, Our Meg comes home for a visit. i think she is a little concerned about my 'slogan wearing tee shirt loving' newly found side of me and so i thought i would wear my new tee to greet her at the airport.... just so she cannot miss me in the crowds. 


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