thrifty tuesday & a golden bunny

March 6, 2018

good morning, good morning! and what a morning it is. i have awoken with a spring in my step and a giddy feeling within. if i may, let me enlighten you...


for christmas i gifted myself the most beautiful bunny i have ever laid eyes upon. not only was he a bunny {or is he a hare??} but he was GOLDEN and he was a money box too!! i mean, come on, who could not be placed under a spell by that. my lovely bunny was found over at my lovely friend Emily's lovely place {it would appear there is a lot of lovelies today} and i cleverly deduced my lad Levi was traveling from across the pond for the holidays and wouldn't it be perfect for him to courier a golden bunny to me! 



now of course to justify buying a golden bunny bank i devised a cunning plan and thus here was my plan. to curb, rein in, take note and be wise to my spending patterns, every time i saw 'a thing' that got my heart thumping, my need needing, my want wanting, be it in the real world or online {the worst place to attract magpies to their glittering ways, golden bunny bank a perfect example!} i would write down said thing on a piece of paper and then pop it in bunny for safe keeping. at the end of each month i would remove all the little safely kept papers and take a look see. my thinking here was, most of which i would no longer care for, not even consider i ever needed and indeed have forgotten it ever came my visual way. 


well i am delighted to say, after a few weeks, i had no pieces of paper to add, i stopped being swept up by the gusto of musto and happily lived with the abundance already in our shed and my head. and so it comes to be, its the beginning of March and since the beginning of January i have bought myself Essential Oils and Health Supplements, both of which i consider to be a necessity to my well being and those whom i live with, which is one man. and two cook books, one of which is still to arrive. pretty darn good i say. three cheers for me and three cheers for those on instagram who joined in with this cunning plan.



{note it wasn't long before golden bunny bank became a golden jackalope... i just cannot help myself}


today, oh today! i am getting out of the shed and my head and i am pottling the thrifty aisles. i have not been in a thrift store for months now, its a rare day i go and when i was going last year it was to find clothes. but today i am going to dig for treasure amongst the forgotten souls in the kitchen department for my newly found love of cooking and baking on a plant based regime, which has me in kitchen heaven. i have gone from just enjoying the prep, the cooking, and the eating to enjoying how it is offered up too. taking pride in the art of eating. so i am thinking with Spring on its way, perhaps it would be perfectly delightful {and totally a-okay as i have been saving my pennies} to 'springify' my kitchen with a few new jolly finds so i may plate up my heart happy offerings in a way that shows the love and the joy that went into making them.


PS. the irony of it being, there is no one but one man to see this plated offering... oh woe, this has found me late in my mothering career, but i fret not, for another cunning plan is being put into place but for now, lets just say this is a test run for things to come.


PPS. the bigger irony of it all, i am busy curtailing my spending when i am busy encouraging others to spend in our little store... but really my golden bunny bank was not so much about not spending but more about being mindful of the spending. really taking note of where my pennies were being directed and more than anything, that good old thought process, "is it a want or a need?" and more often than not, it was always the former.


PPPS. i shall return tomorrow to report in if any delightful springifying kitchen wonders fell like manner from thrifty heaven... 

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