March 2, 2018


we here at curious.and.coe love a bug, beetle or more and a few months back we asked Our Meg {'in~house illustrator', a self given title of which we could not refuse as neither me nor Marlon can illustrate. well we can, but it ain't pretty, its darn right scary some days} ... if she would create a beetle along the lines of the sacred heart and hamsa hand designs. we asked for a heart to be involved and then Marlon very cleverly chimed in with "and couldn't the long leg bits become branches" of which i declared it was genius, positively genius, what a chip off the old block he truly is, tears in my eyes, etc etc and so our new logo for curious.and.coe was born


firstly it became the header for our new sparkly website Marlon rustled together over the festive holidays with me hopping around close by saying "oooh and couldn't we do this, and couldn't we do that" and him very patiently carrying on with headphones securely placed to keep me out. 



and then we went ahead and had postcards made because i am a sucker for a jolly nice postcard when i purchase something from a store online and they send me a postcard too! i am easily pleased in many ways and one of those ways is a freebie postcard it would seem. 


after which i begged my partner in curious.and.coe crime if we may have new business cards. he pointed out this was a little wild with our pennies as we still had a stack of business cards on the side, perfectly acceptable in every way. but oh happy day! he came through dearest reader, he did! although he does hold the purse strings in this equal {??}  partnershiped operation, i think its fair to say its hard to resist the charms of a mother when it comes to such things as a jolly nice new business card to keep the status quo.



see once again, doesn't take much to make me happy, a postcard here, a business card there. makes packing parcels up such fun and throw in some recycled brown paper, gold string and a beetle stamp or two i am literally in packing parcel blimen' heaven. oh yes i am.


P.S. i loved Meg's illustration so muchly the moment i saw it i knew it would become a bit of ink too {now is the time to look away mother}



P.P.S. don't forget our 24 hr MILOMARCHMADNESS code for 15% off all w.i.p tanks and tees in the store today!!!




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