march madness...

March 1, 2018

"meow", milo here.


i thought i would take over the post today after what Tif said about me yesterday, proving there is more to me then my buddhist meditative ways. plus my job description can be expanded to journalist extraordinaire... 


today is the first day of march! oh what madness! spring is just around the corner, i can see it from my window as i type this post. if i try really hard i can hear little bugs and flies beginning to unfurl... i must not think of that, i must clear my mind of such thoughts... i must get back to my journalist ways... and with that, i have been told by Tif and Marlon they have hatched a plan to have a 'march madness' flash sale on w.i.p. hamsa hand tees and w.i.p. sacred heart tanks, just for one day! the madness of it all!!



so tomorrow, March 2nd friday from 9am PST for 24 hrs using the coolio nice code 'MILOMARCHMADNESS' you can receive a coolio 15% off! now that is madness! coolio madness! 



and just incase you did not know, aside from being ethically made, and locally printed, with every purchase of our 'i am a w.i.p.' range of tees, tanks {and pins}, we donate to the Salam Neighbor project. recently we were able to send over $555 to the IRC {international rescue committee} via Living on One {Salam Neighbor}. if you have yet to see the film Salem Neighbor, we really recommend it.


it is amazing what a difference you have allowed us to make, and Tif says some days when she feels nothing but despair and heartache at the suffering and sadness she sees in the world, she just has to take a closer look and see many folks are making a difference for the better and how marvelous we can help even if its just a small drop in the ocean, its a drop and a drop goes a long way when its joined by other drops. 


so together we have offered up our first drop, and for that we are thanking you kindly.


i confess my paws are tired now, they are not cut out for keyboards and even more so for the twitty one Tif has attached to her screen. thank goodness for spell check or this whole post would read like a thrilling newly discovered language from long ago....


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