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February 28, 2018

milo is part of the curious.and.coe team. he plays an important part by answering emails...



well that is what is on his job description and is the signature below the emails but so far we have yet to see much action in the email answering department. he says its because he may look like a cat but actually he is a buddha in disguise.



spending 22 out of 24 hrs a day in meditation, the other 2 practicing mindful exercises



he claims although it may just look like laziness to us he is actually working very hard at sending out loving kindness to the world.



we cannot fault what he claims for he is the biggest cat we have ever had the delight of knowing. he offers his rotund tummy for a tickle no matter the time of day {whilst still in meditative mode} and is the gentlest of furry giants who never hurts another creature.



although sometimes he is overcome by his cat body and cat instincts and catches a bug or fly, and then he looks upon it, remorseful, knowing he still has his buddha work cut out for him. i tell him that is okay, we are all work~in~progresses.



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