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February 27, 2018

its been nearly a year since we took the leap of faith to open up curious.and.coe. a year of learning and a year of growing. did i ever mention why its called curious.and.coe, forgive me, perhaps i may enlighten you.

{"well of course you didn't because you gave up rambling on a blog yonks ago"... "fair point"}


curious ~ because it is quite curious, "what are they actually doing?", and also curious because we are offering up a curious medley of wares.


coe ~ because that is our family name for several generations and a delightful play on the word co. or company. and of course we are a family and we are a company. ah genius right! "i should say so"


we are spread pretty wide and far these days, but with the wonders of the world wide web and those pesky clouds of which i just can't quite wrap my head around despite living with a man who lives in a cloud most days of the week, we are still making it happen.


behind the scenes there is plenty of scheming and dreaming and i in turn just need to keep on finding ways not to go down the procrastination road on most days and stay focused. i have noted since becoming an only bod at home from dawn to dusk it is so much trickier to keep on track as there is no one to be held accountable to and no one who requires you as such to help their day go along. of course there is always the critters, critters need you for sure... thank god for critters! keeps insanity from the door most days.


so this week i am working behind the scenes on some long sleeved tops, this all seems to take me a while because i am trying to find ethically good garments that are in rather pleasing shapes and sizes and colors. plus not being a regular teeshirt wearer i tend to want to find shapes that are not regular teeshirt shape. plus what i want to emblazon across my chest may not be what others do, oh 'tis a thing and a half. so the hunt is on and in between we are listing 'this & that' in the store. because why not?


on another note, completely unrelated. i keep dreaming of returning to our old house, the one we moved from over 10 years ago. isn't that interesting? well perhaps not to some but to me it is. i am thinking its all to do with becoming an empty nester, the fact my 'caring for a clan of 26 years under a roof' chapter is over and something is still holding on and struggling to let go, hence i keep going back to the home of their childhood, checking in... i am thinking i may need to address this one. {no pun intended, but its a good one so i will keep it there}



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