raw 'yum' plant~based power balls

February 26, 2018


 in the past few years or more i have been eating a whole food diet in the hopes of feeling well and in many ways it helped a lot but in other ways there was still a missing piece to the food puzzle. with the new year beginning and already 2 of my children vegan it seemed there was no time like the present.


armed with all i had learnt with cooking from scratch i took the step to a whole food plant~based lifestyle and i took my man along with me for the ride. a good few weeks into our journey we are truly converted and with it, a new found joy of cooking, planning, discussing and enjoying food together has come about. i am thinking this is quite a good thing as we are now officially empty nesters, and it gives us something to talk about {HA!}


for me it started out for health reasons but as with most things as i dive deeper to really understand and learn, it becomes way more than i set out upon... and so the health thing turned into an environmental thing which in turn, turned into an animal thing, which became a big thing for me. {if you do wish to learn more about animal welfare in this country when it comes to food then you can visit Mercy For Animals} all that i have seen and learnt over the past few months has me questioning a lot about my lifestyle beyond my plate and we {my man and me} are slowly but surely opening our eyes and making changes.


the reason for me saying all this is leading to the fact i am in the kitchen a good potion of the day now, experimenting and learning to cook from scratch, understanding nutrition and actually finding joy in preparing plant~based delicious meals. some have been peachy and some have been pants, some have looked like a rainbow and some have looked like a dog's dinner but all have tasted really really delicious and all have left me feeling cleaner on the inside than i think i have ever felt in nearly 50 years of eating. 


one of my favorite handy snacks has been the raw power balls from Jason Vale, the juice master. living in the northwest juicing and smoothies all day long have never helped my damp disposition but i have found a happy ground of making breakfast smoothies {never cold, always warm} and cooking the rest of my meals. he offers up a yummy raw power ball recipe of which i added to and thought i would share with you today. {i am hopeful Jason will be okay with that!} it is super easy, all you will need is a good blender of sorts and a little bit of patience to mix it, thats all! and they really do beat buying store bought as you can control what goes in them and i think save a bit of money too {win~win!!}





* 6 medjool dates {stones removed}

* approx 7.5 oz of raw cashews  

* approx 2.25 oz of raisins

* 3 tsps raw cacao powder {heaped}

* 6 tsps of non~ dairy milk of your choice {i use coconut, or soy but you could use almond}

* 3 tbs of nut butter {i use cashew which is milder in taste but you could go with almond or peanut for a more nutty taste}

* 3 tbs of shredded coconut {and extra for rolling}

* a good pinch of chilli powder {optional}


how to make


first put the cashew nuts in the blender and ground till they are powdery, its okay to have bigger bits in there, just know the more bitty the nuts are, the more chunky the texture of the power balls will be in the end. 


next add all the other ingredients {dates, raisins, cacao, nut milk, nut butter, shredded coconut, chilli powder} and blend together. this can take a little while, just keep stopping and shifting the ingredients around a bit so it gets incorporated. you will eventually have a crumbly looking mixture. using a tablespoon scoop out ball sized lumps and roll smooth in your hand and then roll in shredded coconut. place on a plate until you have used all the mixture up. you can then pop in the fridge and wait a while or you can do like me and pop in the freezer for 10 minutes and then eat 1 or 2... or 3



before placing in a glass jar and keeping in the fridge.


i am thinking you could add in so many other great items like flax seeds, chia seeds, dried berries. the key is to add a little more nut butter or non-dairy milk if need be. and of course if you are intolerant to any of the things listed, you can swap out with something you can use. like me, i don't do almonds, so i use cashews.


easy peasy and perfect paired with an afternoon cup of herbal tea.







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