when: saturday 21st march 2020


time: 10.30am ~ 4.30pm 


extras: afternoon tea with homemade cake, milo approved. (YUM!). please bring a sack lunch or you can purchase food from one of the many options in Carnation. we have a kitchen area, and if you need to heat your lunch up that is an easy fix!


where: the curious ATELIER, 3946 tolt ave, carnation wa 98014




Class Outline


Spend the day at The Curious ATELIER creating your own woolly tattoo critter!! these are tres fun to make and once you have crafted one for yourself a whole world of critter making from squares and rectangles will open up to you!


In this workshop Autumn will share how several rectangles of knitted or crocheted fabric (of which she refers to as the woolly skins) when pieced together have the ability to create a somebunny or kitty-kat perfect for embellishing with woolly tattoo stitching goodness.


Things to bring:


  • Your completed homework (plus leftover yarn from the skein used)
  • A small pair of scissors.
  • Your crafty mojo
  • A sack lunch
  • Everything else will be provided


Skill level:


The only requirement to take this class is you will need to knit or crochet fabric to bring along so we can spend our time wisely fabricating our critters and embroidering them. Pattern for the knit or crochet requirement will be sent out upon registration {look for it in your inbox after registering} and to be completed as homework prior to class.


Embroidery skills are optional but would be wise to know how to handle a needle and yarn thread. Our guessing is if you can crochet or knit, at some point you will have woven in a thread or two. Thats all you need to know!


About Autumn Fussell


Autumn has spent many a wise year with needle and thread or yarn in hand. When asked about her favorite thing to create with yarn it is always squares and rectangles and surprisingly she has found many ingenious ways to make such a simple thing become so much more with a fold here, a tuck there or a gather around the back. Embellished with some woolly tattoos (Autumn's coined phrase for embroidering with wool) and it may be true to say, what looked quite ordinary suddenly can look quite extraordinary.


Living just outside of Seattle for more years than she cares to recall, Autumn opened The Curious ATELIER to satisfy her magpie tendancies for all things blingy and to spread a bit of crafty joy. She spends most days pottling around the space, making, playing shops, dreaming big & counting her blessings.


(Wish to find out more, Autumn can be found on instagram under curious.and.coe or www.curiousandcoe.com, which will be getting a spring makeover soon!)

woolly tattoo somebunny & kitty~kat play day

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