About Us.

Many moons ago Tif Fussell spent many hours in thrift stores

with her clan, the youngest of which was Marlon. As the years

went by and Marlon became an adult he developed a canny

knack for spotting a secondhand bobby bargain and became

quite the reseller in his teens.

Meanwhile Tif lived through dottie angel’s eyes crafting away

before deciding to create a cocoon to live in only emerging a

few years back ready to fly again. This involved a name change

to Autumn and collaborating with Marlon on various creative

endeavors leading to curious.and.coe LLC and finally to

opening the doors to their bricks & mortar

The Curious ATELIER in carnation WA

They would like to welcome you to their little neck of the woods,

and are happy you are here, any questions please contact them

via the contact page where Milo (a Buddha cat) is waiting

patiently. ( ahem, sleeping) or to sign up for their mewsletter

please see handy link on homepage near the bottom

a snippet of information, the ‘coe’ in their company name is a

family name from Autumn’s maternal grandfather (Marlon’s

great grandfather) and has become a family middle name in

generations to come, hence the play on ‘coe’ and ‘co’ for

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